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In teenage years, appearance matters most, which is why many dental patients are concerned about what they’ll look like with a mouth full of metal braces. While many of their peers likely have metal dental brackets or appliances, some patients want to avoid this option and are interested in braces that look as natural as possible. To help patients feel their best while we reposition their teeth, Dr. Nay offers Invisalign Teen in Morrisville. Like the traditional version of these clear braces, Invisalign Teen creates straight and beautiful smiles with clear aligners, also referred to as clear trays.

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Will Invisalign Teen work for Your Child?

Clear braces are recommended for patients with mild to moderate dental alignment problems. For some this can mean an initial treatment with metal braces to correct serious issues, such as bite alignment, completing their treatment plan with invisible braces to realign crooked teeth or gaps in the smile. Dr. Nay makes sure parents and teens understand the added responsibility of dental hygiene with clear braces; to make sure patients aren’t at a higher risk for gum inflammation, Dr. Nay provides instructions on thoroughly cleaning teeth and aligners after meals and before bed, ensuring no debris becomes trapped.

Will Others Notice Invisalign?

These clear dental aligners are completely invisible and are difficult to detect when worn. Other people often have no idea you’re wearing clear braces until you remove the aligners and show them. Invisalign’s unique design is contoured along the edges, so it only covers the teeth and does not sit over the gum line. Many other brands of clear braces cover the soft tissue, which makes the aligners stand out and look unnatural. Invisalign is a completely discreet way to achieve a balanced smile.

What Makes Invisalign Teen Different?

Patients can expect the same quality from Invisalign Teen as they can with traditional Invisalign. The Teen program, however, offers additional no-cost replacement aligners. They understand that teens are more prone to losing or damaging aligners while taking them out while eating in the cafeteria, brushing teeth in the school bathroom, or while playing contact sports. With these additional appliances, Invisalign helps make allowances so younger patients can benefit from treatment, without incurring additional fees for their appliances.

Before receiving treatment, patients are evaluated to ensure treatment is right for them. Digital image scans using a 3D scanner are taken to provide the most accurate aligner trays that are customized to their smiles.

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If you’re looking for Invisalign teen in Morrisville, visit the office of Dr. Robert Nay to learn more about what clear braces can do for your child.

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