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Two-Phase Orthodontics in Morrisville - NAY orthodontics

At the office of Dr. Robert Nay, we guide young patients’ developing smiles into healthy bites through two-phase orthodontics in Morrisville. If your child is starting to show signs of crowded teeth or other oral health problems, it’s better to address them sooner rather than later. Seeking treatment as early as possible helps prevent complex later treatment that may be expensive and time-consuming. 

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Starting Early

When we’re young, jaw bones and teeth are developing and easier to treat. This presents a good opportunity to catch and correct potential problems early and provide a healthy, straight smile. Later in life teeth and jaw misalignment can still be corrected but are not as easy to work with, affecting the length of treatments. 


The ultimate goals of both orthodontic phases are to:

Shift teeth and manipulate growth
Create space for soon-to-erupt teeth
Prevent trauma
Correct poor oral habits 
Guarantee a strong, healthy bite and healthy smile

Phase One: Creating Successful Development

The first phase of orthodontics ideally takes place during a patient’s early years, usually between the ages of 6-9, when the jawbone is more flexible and not fully developed. This first phase ideally prevents the need for extraction of teeth and jaw surgeries by centering on removable or bonded appliances. During this process of interceptive care, Dr. Nay diagnoses and treats orthodontic problems by tracking developments in the patient’s jaw, facial structure, and alignment of teeth.

The interceptive devices placed during this phase can include: palate expanders such as quad helixes or rapid palatal expanders, which are used to treat narrow upper jaws, crossbites, and crowded teeth; braces, which can align teeth as well as expand the arches; molar distalizers to adjust upper molars; lingual holding arch space maintainers, which can connect two molars in the upper or lower arch. Patients may need to be fitted for retainers after phase 1 in order to prevent shifting.

Phase Two: Straightening Your Smile

In some cases, the first phase prevents the need for the next, but in others, ensuring a straight and healthy bite and smile requires a second phase of orthodontics. Phase two orthodontics utilizes Invisalign® clear aligners or self-ligating braces, which feature a sliding mechanism, unlike traditional brackets, to shift and positively manipulate the growth of problem teeth. TADs (Temporary Anchorage Devices) can close spaces left by previous extractions or congenitally missing teeth.

Follow-Up Orthodontic Appointment

During both phases, Dr. Nay tracks your progress every 4-12 weeks, depending on your treatment option. During these routine visits, he monitors expansion, changes wires, assigns new Invisalign® trays and replaces the rubber bands in braces as needed. 

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If you’d like to avoid invasive dental treatments in the future, you should consider seeing your orthodontist for a full assessment of your smile. Call today to schedule an appointment and find out if phasal orthodontics is right for you!  




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